Healing body and mind

In order to be able to heal, first we must learn to understand the patient, the person looking for help, or however we want to name whoever is seeking help and hoping for relief by us.
We do need to acquire a kind of `complete understanding´, complete in the form that we are not looking at single components in a human body as general parts of the conventional medicine.
But are on the outlook for more for deeply underlying connections, to peep into the web that is tightly woven between body and soul, in order to find the source of ailments and problems. To successfully help ease the problems and pain we need to look at the “whole” person, body and spirit, to help and heal, or better .. helping to heal themselves.
We have to kind of dissolve and trickle into the complete system, in need to look deep into a persons mind and body to reach a kind of deeper understanding of the intricate web of action and reaction, entwined situations and relations in a person.
If you would try to attempt this in a conventional scientific way, it would take much more time to get to the same results. Researching, filing and comprehending every single aspect by itself, analyzing the connections, actions and reactions in a certain way would give you a glimpse of the needed understanding.
In healing there is no need to spend your time in that way.
I will give you a few short examples on how each and everyone of us healers is doing exactly this kind of analysis in a fraction of the time by just being……and observing, often even without noticing that we are doing it, reaching the necessary state of understanding

Doesn’t sound logical? …well, here are the examples:

1. You are walking into a crowded room in which a crowd is waiting to see you, hear you.
The moment you enter this room you gain a lot of information instantly:
The air quality, temperature, the approximate number of people in this room, the overall mood the people are in (e.g. friendly or apprehensive). You will feel if there is a sense of attentiveness in the crowd or general lack of interest. You will also know your own state of mind, how you feel and perhaps how you will respond to certain questions that might be asked (not necessarily in a real sentence but to its overall content.)

The following is another example that, I think, will show the understanding I mean more clearly:

1. You are in town for a shopping trip and you see a store on the other side of the street that you just have to look at. You decide to cross the street. First up you take a step towards the street; you look left and right and then cross the street. This will take you at best 1 to 2 seconds if there is no traffic hindering you. If you decide to wait longer in order to safely cross the street the decision is even faster.

Let’s look at all aspects and see what exactly happened in this short time:
Step towards the street; a glance to the left; start walking; approaching car- far enough away to safely cross the street; street surface- even, flat, good condition, good to walk on- distance to the other side of the street; your own condition- fast enough to cross the street in time. State of traffic on the right: one car will be past by the time you are there; how much pressure is on yourself to cross the street right now, or is it better to wait- this is an even more complicated process because it involves complex psychological components; then the decision to start walking…And all that in just 1 or 2 seconds!

That’s what I would call an assessment!

Our everyday lives are full of situations like this, constantly and omnipresent.
– unfortunately just not in the moments, when it comes to knowledge, common understanding and learning.

In these cases our age-old conditioning takes over. Our western view of the world as such, also our upbringing is massively influencing us. It clearly steers and defines how to learn and to understand; — knowledge can only be acquired through intensive studies–.
Understanding can not be reached just through emotions or feelings, intuition or clairvoyance. Experiences that are not scientifically explainable are not acceptable…

Let’s go back to our first example, entering the room:
Where or how could there be any time or room for a scientific approach to this situation?
None no never! – We were just absolutely sure of the correctness of all the information we gathered at that fraction of time?
We just knew, didn’t we?
Of course there will always be errors in our approach, no doubt. People get killed crossing streets.
But look at you and me, we are still very alive, and we still are entering rooms and crossing roads every day, facing what’s in front of us.

I took “the scenic route” with these examples to explain the following:
We can absolutely trust our intuitions, our “inner voices”, our emotional understanding of complex situations, which means last but not least that we can really trust our knowledge in such situations.
So then let us approach our patients completely open-minded and with all our senses ready for input.

What does that entail for us?
We gather information and therefor knowledge via our normal senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling.
But let’s not stop there. We have so much more than those “normal” senses to work with.
Furthermore we have a wealth of information at our feet, meaning through books, teachers, etc. …
But more important than these, we have clairvoyance and telepathy.
Let me give you a few explanations to assure you that this is not to be linked with the absurd:

Clairvoyance is often simply the confident knowledge of a fact, which can be easily proven by just questioning the Patient. A word, a phrase, a name, a medical term enters our mind without any noticeable outer source.

Telepathy on the other hand is to be seen as receiving emotions and feelings by non-verbal communication.
There are still other sources, but discussing these would certainly be too much at this time.

All those people, who engage in healing, easing pain and suffering have a special calling. They need to strive for spiritual growth in their very own way, on their destined path. They need to loosen their blockages, overcome personal barriers to strengthen self-confidence and confidence in their abilities.

All this sounds very reasonable and easy, in theory.
And believe me, I know too well that reality is a whole different story,
… just so to say —-I´have been there, done that…
I took me years to overcome fears and ignorance on my own part. But since quite a few years now I’m also witnessing that the confidence in this knowledge is well founded.
I’m seeing proof each and every day now, that I CAN help people if I use this approach, in a lot of different ways.
A feeling of peace of mind, inner-balance and harmony, self-reflection, growing self-esteem and -acceptance enters the patients body and mind, self-healing powers are activated and take a front-row place in their life.
And mostly, unfortunately not always, this means a healing, ease of suffering,
Just a healing of body and mind.